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Omicron At A Glance:

  • Omicron replicates faster, yet less dangerous than previous strains.
  • Omicron no respecter of vaccine status nor immunity.
  • CDC updates isolation guidance.

As the media focuses on the speed at which omicron can spread, there is much good news also coming out. More studies are being released describing the lower severity of the omicron variant of COVID.  The newest information can bring a brighter ending to 2021 and help lead the way into 2022.

Hong Kong Study Shows Hope for Omicron Outcomes

On December 15, 2021, the following was released by the University of Hong Kong:

“A study led by researchers from the LKS Faculty of Medicine at The University of Hong Kong (HKUMed) provides the first information on how the novel Variant of Concern (VOC) of SARS-CoV-2, the Omicron SARS-CoV-2 infect human respiratory tract. The researchers found that Omicron SARS-CoV-2 infects and multiplies 70 times faster than the Delta variant and original SARS-CoV-2 in human bronchus, which may explain why Omicron may transmit faster between humans than previous variants. Their study also showed that the Omicron infection in the lung is significantly lower than the original SARS-CoV-2, which may be an indicator of lower disease severity. This research is currently under peer review for publication.”1

Omicron is No Respecter of Vaccine Status

According to the CDC, and other world agencies, omicron doesn’t discriminate based on vaccine status nor previous infection:

“Among these cases of COVID-19 attributed to the Omicron variant, 34 (79%) occurred in persons who completed the primary series of an FDA-authorized or approved COVID-19 vaccine ≥14 days before symptom onset or receipt of a positive SARS-CoV-2 test result, including 14 who had received an additional or booster dose; five of the 14 persons had received the additional dose <14 days before symptom onset. Six (14%) persons had a documented previous SARS-CoV-2 infection. The most commonly reported symptoms were cough, fatigue, and congestion or runny nose. One vaccinated patient was hospitalized for 2 days…”2

International data confirms the same trend across the globe:

“The omicron epidemic is being driven by young, vaccinated people, according to mounting data from countries as diverse as the UK, Denmark and South Africa…”3

These cases remain mild compared to other variants previous. According to a study in the UK, people testing positive for COVID amid the spread of omicron are:

45% less likely to attend A&E compared to Delta, and 50 to 70% less likely to be admitted to hospital.4

A&E departments are similar to urgent care and emergency departments in the US.

The statistics of those admitted to the hospital were also clear in indicating the vaccines didn’t hold protection against omicron:

As of 20 December, 132 individuals with confirmed Omicron have been admitted to or transferred from emergency departments. Over 40% of hospital admissions were in London. Of those patients admitted to hospital, 17 had received a booster vaccine, 74 people had 2 doses and 27 people were not vaccinated. The vaccination status was unknown for 6 people, while 8 had received a single dose.4

CDC Reduces Isolation Guidelines

This week the CDC dropped its recommended isolation time from 10 days following exposure to 5 in the wake of the omicron variant. NPR reports on the CDC’s policy change after it faced pressure from industries under much stress:

The newest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance shortening the isolation period for those with COVID-19 from 10 days to five days has led to a growing concern about its impact on essential workers such as nurses and airline staff.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said the decision to change the guidelines was, in part, to “keep the critical functions of society open and operating.”

“We started to see challenges with … airline flights and other areas. We started first with doing the health care workers last week to make sure that we could make — keep our hospitals functioning safely and open,” Walensky told NPR on Tuesday.5

Hold the Phone — Doc’s Thoughts:

While we continue to get conflicting information and still not much “science” from the mainstream media, there’s lots of good news coming out regarding omicron and some of the CDC policy changes.

In regard to that first study reported above, the 70 times faster replication sounds scary, but know that you can wipe out the replication in the nasal passages and back of your throat much easier by using nasal washes and immune support. The even better news is that it’s not nearly as dangerous in the lungs! Most people who die from COVID die due to blood clots in the lungs. This is good news all around.

This omicron variant is so much less severe that you could look at it as a natural booster to your immune response. We all help each other prime our immune responses by passing bugs back and forth. Let’s face it, omicron is looking a lot better than delta or other variants that we’ve seen before. We’ve shared information on the variants and how they work on A Different Perspective.

Just yesterday, the Africa Health Research Institute released a study stating:

New research shows infection with the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant creates a neutralising immune response against the Delta variant.

“The increase in Delta variant neutralisation in individuals infected with Omicron may result in decreased ability of Delta to re-infect those individuals,” said Prof Sigal. “If Omicron does prove to be less pathogenic, then this may show that the course of the pandemic has shifted – Omicron will take over, at least for now, and we may have less disruption of our lives.”6

Questionable “Science”

Why is the CDC reducing isolation time? Is it because they know this isn’t nearly the concern previous variants were? Or could it be that isolations and lockdowns won’t work because too many Americans have seen the damage they do to our economy and freedoms? Maybe it’s because they saw the crippling effects on our supply chain and know that as companies push and lobby harder, they pivot to follow those influencers. There are several possibilities here, but first of all, we need to hold the line and not allow them to try that funny business again.

For months we’ve heard the line about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” With the spread of COVID being laid at the feet of the unvaccinated, several others are speaking up. An article published in the Lancet this past November brings to light the dangers of following this unscientific and divisive rhetoric:

It is therefore wrong and dangerous to speak of a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Historically, both the USA and Germany have engendered negative experiences by stigmatising parts of the population for their skin colour or religion. I call on high-level officials and scientists to stop the inappropriate stigmatisation of unvaccinated people, who include our patients, colleagues, and other fellow citizens, and to put extra effort into bringing society together.7

Now, even the media can’t refute how omicron is spreading among the vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.  With the CDC and other researchers around the world revealing that anyone can spread this bug, whether they are vaccinated or not, hopefully the mainstream media will stop their pursuit and spread of misinformation.

Be sure to watch this week’s A Different Perspective on Saturday morning at 8am Central, where I’ll interview distinguished cardiologist, internist, researcher, and editor to medical journals, Dr. Peter McCullough. He is also by far the most published doctor of our time. He knows a thing or two as not just an intellectual and researcher, but also as a boots on the ground doctor treating many high-risk patients. His message on omicron is hopeful. His advice and recommendations to hospital administrations and federal agencies is dire and urgent.

At The Wellness Way, we’ll continue searching the research to bring you solid science and information. We don’t believe fear and mandates are good for anyone’s health. If you are concerned about omicron, COVID, or any other illness or condition, reach out to one of our clinics. We can help you assess your risk and how to best support your immune response and restore health. We do health differently!

1The University of Hong Kong: HKUMed finds Omicron SARS-CoV-2 can infect faster and better than Delta in human bronchus but with less severe infection in lung

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6Africa Health Research Institute: Omicron infection enhances neutralising immunity against Delta

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