Our Story

What is The Wellness Way?


The Wellness Way is a network of people across The United States.  It is practitioners, sure, but it is also staff, partners and patients.  It is people coming together, thinking differently, taking control, and getting results!

When you’re a part of The Wellness Way, you are immediately welcomed into a family of support, countless resources, and the best clinical care on the planet.

The Wellness Way Training


Our practitioners are located all over the country, but remain a close-knit network.  They train weekly (if not more!), and consult each other frequently.  Whether they have been with us since the beginning, or they are just beginning themselves, no practitioner is an island here.  When you see one of our docs, you leverage the insight and expertise of all of them!

Our staff at our clinics pride themselves on contributing to our welcoming environment, and being that friendly face that champions patients along their individual journeys.  From scheduling and blood draws, to providing helpful tips, our staff is the friendly face we all look forward to seeing.


Partners of The Wellness Way are not your typical business transactions.  Manufacturing facilities, lab companies, and even carefully selected partner products are all uniquely qualified and committed to the mission of The Wellness Way.  Each of them prides themselves on unmatched excellence, and works closely with practitioners to provide training and insights, all designed to get results.


Patients of The Wellness Way are the lifeblood of the company.

People from all walks of life and a variety of demographics, all with one thing in common: they each think differently about health.  They refuse to be a health statistic, and are making changes that put them back in control of their results!  Patients are the reason we do what we do. From countless hours of training, to each and every media resource we provide (and there’s a lot!).  We thrive on being able to restore hope, and delight in every success story (there’s a lot of those too!).  Patients are life changers – for us, but more importantly, for themselves.

No matter how you find us, or what role you play, The Wellness Way is more than a company, The Wellness Way is people.  People who take comfort and pride in the Us, We, Our Culture.  When you’re here, you’re here because you’re thinking differently about health.  When you’re here, you’re supported every step of the way.  And when you’re here, you get results.