You might have seen the news about the U.S. warship that has been quarantined at sea because of a mumps outbreak. We saw it recently in the Business Insider’s article, and you can read it for yourself: “The Navy’s fighting to get a rare viral mumps outbreak under control after it stranded a US warship at sea.”  (1) It is heartbreaking that these military members who serve our country aren’t at home with their families. This really gives us a great opportunity to talk about the problems with the Measles-Mumps-Rubella and Varicella MMR/MMR-V vaccines, which is supposed to protect us against mumps.

As highlighted by Business Insider:

  • The USS Fort McHenry has been quarantined at sea for months due to a viral outbreak of what is being called a “probable case of the mumps.”
  • Since the story broke earlier this month, two more servicemembers have fallen ill, raising the total number of affected personnel to 27, Fifth Fleet told Business Insider.
  • “It is not common for us to see outbreaks of vaccine-preventable viral infections,” the Navy’s Bureau of Medicine and Surgery told BI.

The cases of mumps have now been confirmed. Why would an isolated group of hyper-vaccinated individuals get the mumps? To enter the military, you have to get more vaccines than the average person, including additional MMR vaccines, hence “hyper-vaccinated”. So, if herd immunity was valid and vaccines gave us the ability to achieve herd immunity, then this would never happen. After all, this group would have the best defense since they were 100% vaccinated and were isolated from the rest of society.

How Did this Mumps Outbreak Happen?

It happened because Merck, the maker of the MMR vaccine, lied about the effectiveness of the vaccine. It’s true. What most people don’t know is that 10 years ago 2 of Merck’s own researchers came forward and blew the whistle on Merck. They said Merck directed them and other scientists to commit fraud and lie about the mumps vaccine. This gave Merck the monopoly on production of the vaccine because their vaccine appeared to be the most effective compared to competitors. So, the government awarded Merck the sole contract to produce the vaccine because you couldn’t have some children getting a “less effective” vaccine. Yet in the end, they were all poorly effective.

What is more wrong is that they committed criminal fraud, and lied about the effectiveness as outlined by the two researchers in this court case. At first Merck attempted to use faulty testing methods. To test the vaccine, they take blood from those who have been vaccinated and test the antibodies in the blood. They used the vaccine strain of mumps instead of the wild strain of mumps when testing effectiveness, thus inflating the appearance of better protection. This would not give a true picture of what would happen in a natural exposure to the mumps.

When that didn’t get them a high enough effectiveness, they mixed rabbit blood in with the blood that was being tested. Why would they do that? Because it creates a stronger antibody response. This is not the only time researchers have tried to use such faulty methods. A researcher who was trying to develop an HIV vaccine wound up in prison for doing the same thing.

The Mumps Vaccine Still Wasn’t Effective

Merck still could not get the effectiveness that was needed to achieve approval or herd immunity, so according to their scientists they just ended up lying about the numbers. So, when Merck presented their effectiveness rates, they appeared much better than other vaccines.

To add “insult to injury,” instead of Merck and the authorities alerting the public and creating a “better” vaccine, Merck has been stalling the court system for years and continuing to profit off the sale of a fraudulently-faulty vaccine. According to a Reuters article, Merck has been accused of stonewalling in court for nearly a decade regarding this fraud. (2) This makes Merck a lot of money. If you look at the CDC pricelist for vaccines, you can see that Merck has a lot at stake with the MMR vaccine bringing up to $75.00 a dose and the MMR-V getting $214.37 per dose. (3) That’s a lot of money if almost every child gets the vaccine, MMR-V, twice.

Just by looking at the children born in one year. 3.8 million babies were born in the U.S. every year, for which most will be given the MMR-V when they reach 12 months and then again at 18 months. That’s over 2 billion dollars each year if every child were vaccinated like they push for. That’s for children born in one year and doesn’t include the doctors, nurses and military that get extra boosters.

There are Real Risks to Vaccines

It’s heartbreaking that our military members are receiving this faulty vaccine. There are risks with every vaccine injection and when a vaccine doesn’t work, there is no arguable reason to continue using it. I believe that this should call into question Merck’s entire production of MMR/MMR-V vaccines line. It’s heartbreaking that they aren’t at home with their families because they didn’t get exposure at a young age that would have given them natural immunity, at a time when the mumps is harmless. Now our service members and the population as a whole, at least those vaccinated, are at even greater risk of serious outcomes like orchitis, severe swelling of the testes which may cause infertility in some men.

If an organization is being investigated for criminal activity that took place during the approval and production of a medical product, then I feel every parent deserves to know. They said outbreaks like this are rare but that’s just not true. We see that outbreaks are happening in fully immunized communities, like the outbreak at Fordham University. (4) As reported by the New York Post, all students that contracted the mumps were vaccinated. In 2017, University of Minnesota also had an outbreak with 25 confirmed cases of mumps in students who were fully vaccinated, and the list could continue.  (5)

Every Parent Deserves the Truth About MMR Vaccine

We don’t know how long this quarantine will last for these military members. According to the reporting from Business Insider, according to naval regulations, two full incubation periods have to pass without illness. Each incubation period is 25 days. These naval soldiers deserve to be back at home with families because over 50 years ago Merck committed fraud. I believe these soldiers never deserved to be injected with a faulty vaccine if you ask me.

It’s been close to a decade since Merck’s own employees came forward, the public hasn’t been adequately informed of this fraud and our government continues to buy this product while Merck simply delays justice. We believe every parent and citizen deserves to know this. Don’t you?

Written by Dr. Dale Brown, The Wild Doc