Many people are deficient in Vitamin D, so its important to get out in the sun to soak up the rays. You want to be careful not to get burned. Sometimes you spend a little more time outside and don’t protect yourself, ending up with a painful red burn. Ouch! It’s time to check out some of our natural remedies to soothe your sunburn.

Prevention is always better. Remember Vitamin D is important, but you need to avoid the sunburn. There are some great natural sunscreen options to use when you’re planning to spend more time outside. Sometimes the time outdoors gets longer, our sunscreen application fails us, or there is no shade. If it’s too late and you feel the tightness of a sunburn setting in, here are some ways to soothe your sunburn naturally. A little redness relief to soothe your damaged skin.

Natural Tips to Soothe Your Sunburn

1 Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is known for healing cuts and burns and it can be very helpful for relieving sunburns too! Put 50/50 ratio of ACV and water in a bowl to apply with a wash cloth or in a spray bottle to make it easier. Store the spray bottle in the refrigerator for extra cooling! ACV restores the skin’s PH and helps reduce inflammation.

Sunscreen: Don't Get Burned

Silver gel and coconut oil helped this sunburn heal fast. Top Image is of a sunburn and the bottom image is 3 days later.

2 Silver Gel

Another great natural remedy for sun burns is silver gel. It is very soothing and helps heal the skin. We reach for ACS Silver Gel often at the first sign of a sun burn. We often use this in combination with coconut oil for its hydrating components.

3 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also very nourishing to the skin because it’s full of nutrients and antioxidants. It’s moisturizing, antibacterial and will help fight wrinkles along with sun damage. Your skin will love soaking up the moisture!

4 Aloe

Aloe has 75 active components including antioxidants, minerals and nutrients that are going to help your skin heal. That’s why this has been a go-to for thousands of years. It’s best right from the plant and it’s really easy to grow so you have some on hand. If you have to buy some, make sure it’s organic and doesn’t have any preservatives.

5 Drink up!

Your skin needs to stay hydrated from the inside out while you are healing. Drink lots of water. You can also drink some aloe juice! Aloe is not only hydrating, it also has some great electrolyte minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. Drink up, buttercup!

6 Essential Oils

Essential oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree are very healing for a sun burn. Add them to a spray bottle of aloe juice or ACV/water mix and they will help boost your relief.

7 Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Inflammatory foods like sugar, wheat, soy and dairy are going to make your inflamed skin feel even worse. Swap those foods for anti-inflammatory foods like blueberries, strawberries, salmon, watermelon, sweet potatoes and green tea. Anti-inflammatory foods that are full of antioxidants and omega 3’s will help you heal faster!

Prevention is keySunscreen: What to use

Avoiding a sun burn is always better than helping one heal. Make sure you are getting plenty of Vitamin D by getting a safe amount of sun and using a quality supplement. Also, be sure to use a nontoxic sunscreen. There are some great, safe choices out there.

Sun burns can be very damaging to your skin, so you want to avoid them. If they do happen, get to healing fast. Sun burns can still happen to the best of us so keep these natural tips handy for you and your loved ones.

Written By Dr. Patrick Flynn

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