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Making healthy choices is hard, especially when there’s a Taco Bell on every corner. Who doesn’t like tacos? Choosing to make a gluten-free, chemical-free taco at home isn’t always easy. We do it because we care about our health. What choices are you having a hard time with? Giving up gluten? Nixing the food allergies? Getting exercise? Finding toxin-free cleaners? Making healthy choices can be challenging for all of us. Not just you. And there are so many changes to make at the beginning that it makes it harder to get started.

Every single one of us here at The Wellness Way has been there. Every doctor, every smiling face you see when you walk through the door, and every patient you see in the waiting room. We have also helped many people like you, and we’ve heard all the excuses. Even the ones most of us only say to the person in the mirror.

Excuses Like:

  1. I’ll start on Monday. I have a party to go to this weekend.
  2. I don’t like vegetables, so I could never eat healthy.
  3. Have you seen me run? I look like a wounded goat.
  4. YOLO- Eat the chocolate cake!
  5. Diet soda is better for me than regular soda.
  6. Gluten is in everything, and I keep messing up.
  7. I’m just too tired and stressed to take care of myself. There is too much to do.
  8. I’m too fat to go to the gym. I have to work out at home, so I need to find some videos.
  9. If I eat all these Girl Scout Cookies now, I can start eating healthy next week.
  10. I don’t see the results when I exercise. It just makes me hungrier.
  11. But I need to get workout clothes if I’m going to do this right.
  12. I can’t buy all new cleaning and personal care products that are organic and natural.
  13. I have always failed at this.
  14. Tonight is a good night to sit around and eat ice cream while watching Netflix. I’ll start tomorrow.
  15. I can’t do everything healthy, so what’s the point? Healthy choices

There are plenty more excuses where that came from, and we’re here to tell you to – start somewhere. We are here for you with tips and support. We’ve all been there before, so let us help you. You don’t have to do it alone. The only thing you need to do to make it happen is… START SOMEWHERE!

Start Somewhere

How many Mondays have passed since you first looked in the mirror and knew you could do better? Start somewhere now, or more Mondays will come and go where you aren’t feeling YOUR best. Don’t compare yourself to others or feel like you must do it just like anyone else does. Some people have been doing health for longer than you. Start somewhere! Start where you are.

There are tons of vegetables. Go and try them all! Prepare them in new ways. We’ll be adding more recipes, so that you can try new things. And if they don’t turn out, it’s OK. Sometimes food can just be for nutrition. It doesn’t always have to taste good. But we sure do try to make it taste good, and we can even make a chocolate cake recipe healthy. Check out these chocolate cupcakes with a maple bacon glaze. We can make good-for-you-food taste good, but you’ll have to ditch the diet soda. Just take it one day at a time and start somewhere. And don’t say YOLO; the cool kids aren’t saying that anymore.

Be Patient

It can take time to start seeing results, but you will start FEELING them after a couple weeks. Some you will feel sooner. Your body deserves that. Isn’t feeling healthy and being healthier more important than seeing results? Don’t look at the scale anyway. Keep track of the inches. When you eat right and exercise, you get rid of inflammation which takes away inches and builds muscle. It takes time. If you don’t start today, feeling good and being healthy is just further away.

You don’t need the perfect workout clothes, ideal videos, or a refrigerator full of all the right foods. You definitely don’t need to eat all the junk food in your cupboard. Throw it away. It’s not wasteful; it’s investing in you. Everyone starts from somewhere, so nobody will judge you for how you run or if you have some extra weight when you are working out at the gym. If they do, who cares?

Be Kind to Yourself

Take time for yourself to take care of yourself. I know sometimes you feel overwhelmed and stressed out. You can’t give to others if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Taking care of yourself will help you feel less overwhelmed and stressed. You just have to start somewhere. It’s one choice at a time.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss an ingredient on your food allergy list or that sneaky gluten. It’s part of the learning process. You spent years being unhealthy. Give yourself some time to learn to be healthy. Maybe it’s one gluten-free sandwich. Or one time passing that Taco Bell and preparing a healthy meal instead. Perhaps it’s spending a Sunday freezing meals. It’s choosing a bottle of shampoo or a safe sunscreen…. not swapping out your whole medicine cabinet at once. It’s finding an exercise class that works with your schedule and being comfortable. Not perfect.

The Healthy Choices Add Up

Those little choices add up. You don’t have to do everything right away. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Those little choices will slowly add up. Every little change is meaningful. As you start to feel better, those choices get easier and easier.

Do it right now. Not later. Start making one decision at a time to be a healthier version of yourself. You may have failed before, but it taught you what you need to know to improve this time. We will be here along your journey with ideas and tips. Connect with us on social media for ideas and motivation. Sign up for our newsletter so you can get recipes and articles to support a healthier you.

We are here with you. We understand the obstacles, but as your friends, we’re going to tell you to get going after that healthier you! Your excuses only go so far. If you start making healthy choices today, in a few months, you’ll be proud of who you see in the mirror: A healthier version of yourself. You’ll still have to make healthy choices and pass the Taco Bell, but over time, those choices will feel less overwhelming. The only difference between healthy and unhealthy people is whether they take the advice to “Start Somewhere!”


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  • Can’t wait to get started

    • The Wellness Way says:

      Keep us posted on what you do! It’s the little things that will add up and we can’t wait to hear about a healthier you!

  • Alisha says:

    Thanks to you guys we’ve ditched bath and body works and now use Meyers hand soaps, ditched gain/tide now using Ecos and Method laundry soap. No more harsh cleaning chemicals now 7th generations cleaning products and dishwashing products. Sometimes make my own stuff using essential oils. Coconut oil for lotion and cooking. Alba for hair, face scrub, and sunscreens. Organic coffee and almond milk or coconut milk for creamer. I buy organic when I can afford it, the meat is the hardest with how pricey it is. We do process our own venison as we are big hunters so that helps. We have not been to a fast food restaurant in over a year other than going out for Friday fish which is a hard habbit to break! Next purchase is the cookware. I’m big into make up so if you have any foundation, eye shadow, or any safe make up alternatives that would be great!!

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