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If you smell you are not alone. Stinky sweat can come from foods we eat, medications, synthetic clothing and personal hygiene deficiencies. Lots of things can lead to sporadic ripeness. There are times we have all been there, but why does it happen to some people more than others?

The gym is the perfect example of this. Some of us go work out and we sweat like crazy, but no smell. Others smell like they have been sitting at the bottom of a teenage boy’s laundry basket for a few months. If you have stinky sweat it can be a sign something bigger is going on with your body. These are the 3 reasons I see it happening most commonly with the patients I work with.

3 Reasons You have Stinky Sweat

You Might Be Stress Sweating

That big deadline at work or anxiety over family issues can cause your body to produce stress hormones which put your body in fight or flight mode. This can result in a rise in temperature and some sweating. The sweat from stress comes from a different gland than your regular work out sweat, which comes from the eccrine gland. Stress sweat comes from the apocrine glands found in the armpits and groin. It also secrets a milky white substance that feeds that bacteria in your armpits leading to a pretty nasty funk. The good news is you can reduce the stress sweats by reducing your stress.

Your GI is Jacked Up

The body might be letting you know that something isn’t right inside, and oftentimes that starts in your gut. If you are super inflamed and having serious gut issues it is going to up your levels of stinky. In a bad way. Your gut can also impact your hormones which can mess with your natural smell. The only way to fix this is to rebuild your gut. You will need to remove any stresses and make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to repair that gastrointestinal tract. A proficient provider can help you identify stressors and help you rebuild your GI.

Toxic Smells from High Toxic Load

If you smell it might be because you are toxic. The body is bombarded with toxins daily. Toxins are in the air, in the food we eat, in the water we drink, in our personal care products, and sometimes our own hormones. The body can only handle so much before it becomes difficult for the body to naturally detoxify. That’s when we need to help it along. Unfortunately, people often try to cover it up with toxic deodorants or soaps. Don’t do that! You need to get rid of your toxic sweat! It might be time for a good detox, and some natural deodorant.

Don’t Be Smelly! If You Stink There is a Reason

99% of people are going to have stinky sweat for one of these reasons, and for most people it is going to be a combination. Chronic stress, GI problems and high toxicity will not only make your sweat smell but they will also keep your body from functioning optimally. Ignoring the smell at best will mean fewer friends and at worst will lead to a sick body. Get to the bottom of your funk! If you don’t know what is causing it then see a proficient provider and get tested.

Some more good info about sweating with Dr. Patrick Flynn:


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