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July 17, 2021 – This week on A Different Perspective, Nicole Saleske, Nurse Practitioner at The Wellness Way – Green Bay, dispels myths about the current variants of the COVID-19 virus and shares what you need to know.

A helpful resource to consult for tracking the variants is There you can find real time measuring of the progression of COVID-19 and all of the variants.

What is a Variant/Mutation?

Nicole Saleske explains the difference between the structure of DNA vs. RNA.

DNA is almost always double-stranded. Made up of nucleic acids:

  • Adenine
  • Cytosine
  • Guanine
  • Thymine

RNA is almost always single-stranded. Made up of nucleic acids:

  • Adenine
  • Cytosine
  • Guanine
  • Urindine (not Thymine)

COVID-19 is an RNA virus. Mutations occur when nucleic acids bind to the wrong pairs. In normal function, A will bind with T or U and C will bind with G. If the wrong pairing occurs (ex. A with C), a mutation occurs.

All this to say, when these nucleic acids come together and replicate, a lot of changes can happen. Think of it like this: you have an original document and use a copy machine to make a photocopy. Then you make a photocopy of the photocopy, and so on and so on. The image gets less and less clear the more copies are made. Mutation works much like this. As more and more mutations occur, the virus begins to look completely different than it did originally.

This is why the long-term efficacy of vaccines is questionable. By the time people receive a vaccine for one variant, the virus will have already mutated into another variant and now the vaccine is less effective, if effective at all.

Coronaviruses are not like the flu. In a typical flu season, the influenza strain can mutate thousands of times before flu season is over. Covid variants are mutating much more slowly. We are just now seeing variants pop up over a year into this pandemic. But this is actually a good thing! (More on that in a moment.)

How Does the Vaccine Work?

Nicole Saleske states, “The vaccine is giving your body the mRNA code for coronavirus and putting it into your cells to code for that spike protein. Spike protein is now going to surface on that cell going all throughout your body. We’re assuming your immune system is strong enough to handle it.”

Of course, we have seen many adverse effects of this vaccine (coagulopathies, ovarian complications, crossing blood brain barrier, and heart enlargement, to name a few).

The vaccine codes your body for the original virus coming out of Wuhan. It is unknown how that vaccine will cover you for the variants. The CDC states, “Early data shows the vaccines may work against some variants but could be less effective against others.”

What’s scary about this vaccine is that there is no way to detox from it. The protein code is being encoded into your cells. And once it’s in your cells and it multiplies and divides, there is no detoxing from it. It’s in your body forever. Pfizer and Moderna have come straight out and said these vaccines are gene therapy. When you’re taking mRNA and putting it into a cell, it’s a gene therapy, not a vaccine. So actually the “vaccine” terminology is very misleading.

If you’re considering getting the vaccine because of the new variants, you’re already too late. The vaccine you’d get is coding for a virus that was the strain at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s already changed several times (as you can see on Vaccinating against variants, as the CDC says, is an area of unknown.

What we do know about immunology, virology, and how the immune system works is that when it comes into contact with something that is non-self, it’s going to fight it. So why not strengthen your immune system the best you can so that no matter what variant you get, your body will body will be able to fight it?

Why Are Mutations a Good Thing?

Nicole Saleske states that over time the best thing that can happen to this virus is for it to mutate. It will ultimately lead to its own demise.

When a virus mutates it can do three things: it can be in favor of the virus, it can be neutral, or it can be destructive to the virus. Immunology and virology experts agree that a virus mutating and becoming stronger than the original strain is extremely, extremely rare. Generally speaking, any time a virus mutates it is going to get weaker and weaker. With every change of the structure, the amino acid bonds get weakened. The weaker the virus gets, the more likely it is to eventually completely disappear.

Don’t be afraid of the variants! The more it mutates the weaker it gets and the sooner we can get out of this pandemic.

Think Critically

Nicole Saleske cites the CDC to note the current guidelines on protocols for unvaccinated vs. vaccinated populations, highlighting the fact that vaccinated individuals are encouraged not to get tested while unvaccinated individuals are encouraged to get tested frequently.

What’s going to happen? We’re going to see reports and headlines saying variant cases are only occurring in unvaccinated individuals. That’s because they are the only ones being tested!

It’s time to think critically:

  • If we’re not testing the vaccinated, doesn’t that mean that of course the rise in cases will be predominantly in the unvaccinated?
  • If not the delta variant, we will recognize lambda, epsilon, theta, zeta, etc. the longer we are tracking them. (Word of warning: there will be more variants. It’s not going to end at delta.)
  • But the variants are going to lead to the demise of the virus. The vaccine is going to be rendered useless as more and more variants emerge and eventually become too weak to survive anymore.

Instead of focusing on vaccinations, focus on strengthening your immune system and decreasing inflammation in your body. A strong immune system will be able to handle any virus easily and build up antibodies the natural way that will serve you so much better in the long run.

At The Wellness Way, we test the immune system for various markers to discover areas of weakness that could be strengthened. Find a clinic near you to discover how we can help you in your pursuit of strong immune health.

Watch this episode of A Different Perspective here!

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