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This week, Dr. Leslie Acreman of The Wellness Way – Lake Mary spoke to The Wellness Way student club about “Parasite Evacuation.”

Dr. Leslie Acreman, D.C. on “Parasite Evacuation”

Patient Case: 48-year-old Female

She called the office saying, “you’re probably going to think I’m totally psychotic and that all of this is in my head. I’ve done multiple parasite cleanses I’m very bloated, I have painful gas, I haven’t been able to get rid of this reoccurring BV for two years.”

Patient was dealing with weight issues, severe fatigue, feelings of menopause, and feelings of not being able to be a good mom. She couldn’t eat anything without being completely bloated and it was extremely painful.

She had a colonoscopy done and doctors just kept telling her everything was “normal” and that it was all in her head. To the point of putting her on antidepressants.


Tests done right away:

  • Immuno – Food Allergies
  • Genova – Stool Test

Findings were surprising. Stool test showed not a lot of issues with digestion, but it was showing a lot of dysbiosis and some metabolic deficiencies. The test results showed no infections and the inflammation was slightly elevated.

Genova placed her on zone 2, so patient might be having more inflammation compared to other zones – more of an abundance issue. It can also show that chronicity is higher.

Moving forward, patient didn’t seem to have any issues with digestion or absorption. Inflammation markers didn’t show anything out of range, which can also tell you how chronic this issue was. As they got down to the parasites…? Voilá! parasites were present!

A moderate number of parasites and cysts were detected.

Action Steps:

With parasites, we want to try to make the environment and their GI tract very uncomfortable and unhabitable for the parasites.

ALWAYS let the patient know that in the first two to three weeks they may end up bloating even worse; and they might be more miserable because these parasites like to hide and they hide in everything, making it really hard to get them out.

Aiming to treat around a full moon is ideal due to the increased activity of the parasites. We can normally get them to evacuate during this period of the month.

To start out,

  • The patient was following her food allergies
  • We were supporting her liver and her thyroid
  • Diatomaceous earth was used at morning and night. (Make sure it’s the one that you can eat!)
  • Uva Ursi to help clear out her urinary tract and reduce bladder inflammation, but also get some of the parasites and bacteria out of her gut.
  • She did Oregano oil – 3 capsules, three times a day for 10 days; five days before the full moon and five days after the full moon. Then she paused the oregano oil and continued with the Uva Ursi all month long.

The following month, the same strategy was followed; five days before and five days after the full moon, but this time with Wormwood – a teaspoon three times a day. And then the next month we switched to Black Walnut.

After those three months and receiving good feedback from her, we decided to start an actual 30-day detox.


  • Four months in, the patient had lost 40 lbs.
  • Patient was feeling amazing. She was now able to go to the gym. She had lots of energy.
  • She ended up referring her son, her husband, her sister-in-law, and her brother.
  • She was finally feeling like no one thought she was insane anymore. She actually had proof, after two years of fighting with all of her doctors.

Next steps:

  • Retesting
  • Dutch
  • Bloodwork
  • Immuno
  • Genova
  • New care plan working on hormones, immune system, supporting the liver and the kidneys.
  • Promoting good detoxification by maintaining proper hydration.


Submitted by Carlos Ayala


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