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Dr. Adam Wagner on “The Power of Detox” and Milk Thistle.

This week, Dr. Adam Wagner of The Wellness Way St. Cloud talked to The Wellness Way Student Club on the power of detox and the supplement Milk Thistle!

The Power Of The Detox

  • Everyone needs to detox at some point, but your body has to be ready to detox. You would want to recommend a detox when the patient’s body is ready to detox. Some people are going to have an easier time detoxing than others.
  • You want to pause the supplements that the patient is currently on, let them detox, and then get back to supplements afterward.
  • Before the detox, you might want to give the patient the detox book and ask them to read it to prepare themselves the month or so before.
  • Those who eat, drink, and breathe are going to have the opportunity to be exposed to bad things that require a detox after healing. However, if someone is anemic, constipated, or if has liver stress, you don’t necessarily want to detox them; heal them, first, then detox.
  • There are three phases of a liver detox. Phase one is functionalization, phase two is conjugation (including methylation, etc.). Phase three is excretion. When you give the patient the book, get comfortable and allow them to help move their focus to supporting their biotransformation pathways and allow them to build good habits for meal planning!
  • These three phases are broken up into three 10-day phases.
    • For the first 10 days you are allowed to have plant-based foods, such as beans and lentils, as well as lots of veggies!
    • The second 10 days allow you to add in fish.
    • The last phase allows you to add in chicken, turkey, nuts, and seeds.
  • Patients will get stressed, and it is important to help them keep it simple. Remind them to drink tons of water, make sure they know it will be hard, and it’s important to stick with it.
    • “Embrace the suck for a little while.”
  • Other recommendations during the detox are incorporating light exercise, maybe massage therapy, infrared, and possible rebounding of symptoms.
  • While the patient is off their normal herbs, some herbs help detox.
    • Turmeric
      • Turmeric is used to support antioxidants and helps with inflammation as well as glutathione activity.
    • Milk thistle
      • Milk thistle can help the liver and stimulate bile flow and production in the first 10 days.
      • Milk Thistle has Silybum that has been shown to affect liver damage, its also anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pro-apoptotic.
    • Dandelion root
      • Dandelion root can be used in the last two phases to help keep the support of the bile and gallbladder as well as liver and kidney pathways for excretion.
    • Schisandra.
      • Schisandra can be used to protect from harmful products during phases 1 and 2 and supports all phases of biotransformation.


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