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Student Club

Equipping the Next Generation For Health Restoration

In college classrooms, students learn theory and textbook analysis, but with 60% of Americans diagnosed with preventable diseases, it’s time for a new approach to care. The Wellness Way provides opportunities for students to learn how chiropractic, coupled with comprehensive testing, is poised to be that revolutionary approach and get the best clinical results.

Interested in a Wellness Way Internship?

The Wellness Way is excited to offer a one of a kind training and internship experience for graduating chiropractic students.

Student Internship

Unleash the Power of Chiropractic With Our Three T Wellness Way Approach

Not just another student chiropractic training program, The Wellness Way Student Club is designed to guide chiropractic students through the hurdles of school and onward into the real world as a practicing chiropractor. Whether you want to open your own office, be an associate, or even if you are unsure, allow us to join you on the journey! Our team of doctors is here to help answer your questions about school, life, practice, business and anything else in between. Allow our experience to help guide yours so you can navigate the uncertainties that lie ahead. The world needs chiropractors to be at the forefront of the health movement and we can be the catalysts!!

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Student Testimonials

Setting You Up for Success

At The Wellness Way, preparation starts now and training never stops. Don’t allow classes, exams, clinic and boards to get in the way of what every student desires, becoming a successful chiropractor by changing lives and making great money in the process. Whether it’s our one-on-one coaching calls, online student university, online group trainings, on-campus live events, or our on-location Wellness Way seminars, we have everything you need to succeed in your transition from student to doctor. Our core areas of focus are clinical trainings, business readiness and personal growth and development. Each person begins at a different starting point, requiring an individual plan for best results. This is exactly why we have structured our student program the way we have. Everything to set you up for life and practice success!


On-Campus Live Events

We make it a point to come to you. Our desire is to create a personal touch for students looking to maximize their potential.

TWW On-Location Seminars

Looking for a way to stay fired up while in school? Look no further than our training seminars. They are sure to keep you on purpose during your time in school.

Student Online Live Trainings

Our doctors join together with students on interactive, live calls to discuss everything from business strategies, personal growth and development, clinical case management… anything is fair game!

The Wellness Way Student University

Join The Wellness Way Student University for online training at your fingertips. Dr. Flynn and The Wellness Way Doctors dive into details on The Wellness Way Approach, Personal Growth, one of a kind Clinical training, and Business. A one-time $97 fee gets you EXCLUSIVE access to:


Student University Online Training

Our easy-to-navigate online training platform is always at the ready to provide in-depth systems training and recordings of some student trainings and Rise and Grind personal development trainings.

Student Consultive Care Discounts at participating clinics

Participating clinics are happy to offer you exclusive student rates.

Supplement Commissions

Receive a portion of your purchases/sales back to you.

Student Lab Discounts

Receive special student pricing on labs.

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