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Student Club

Davenport, Iowa

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Club Leader

Kendra Allen

Hi, I’m Kendra! I am from Boone, Iowa. I found The Wellness Way Student Program in 2019 at The Women’s Summit in Green Bay, Wisconsin. After the event, I immediately applied to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

I am so grateful for what The Wellness Way provides for my future patients and for the training that I get as a Student Club member. I am passionate about giving the human body credit for its own healing and using the principles of chiropractic to facilitate that. Dr. Patrick has been an incredible mentor. I am glad he is bringing chiropractic back to what it was designed to do!

Club Leader

Peter O’Toole

Hello, my name is Peter O’Toole. I am currently in my 4th trimester at Palmer. I am from Iowa and absolutely love it, and my family around me. Beyond the typical chiropractic curriculum, I have begun pursuing additional learning with TWW, and functional neurology courses. I was introduced to TWW when I was a student in the Flathead Valley of Montana. I pursued becoming a student leader on campus because of the passion of everyone involved in the student club and to make a difference wherever I can! Super excited to begin this journey and meet so many amazing docs and future docs!

Club Leader

Madison Scott

Hey! I’m Madison! I am from Saint Joseph, Michigan. I am passionate about the creation of the human body, and its innate ability to heal. As a future doctor, I stand strong on the foundation that our bodies don’t made mistakes. I am thankful for The Wellness Way; a group of doctors who have come together to get to the root cause of our patients’ illnesses, and truly support/promote the healing our bodies are designed for.


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