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Club Leader

Kyrah Pierstorff

Hi, I’m Kyrah! I am from Waukesha, WI. I have always wanted to pursue medicine, but something never sat right with me about the traditional medicine model. When I found Chiropractic I thought “this is it.” After almost a year in school I was discouraged to find most chiropractors just refer all their patients to other doctors, when the problem is anything more than musculoskeletal.

I found The Wellness Way at the annual seminar in 2021. After listening for 10 minutes, I knew that this was the approach I was looking for in healthcare. It is the only thing that makes sense. I love the philosophy that “the body does not make mistakes.” The Wellness Way treats every person like an individual, that is how they get the results for patients that no one else can! I cannot wait to be this kind of doctor for the rest of my life!

Club Leader

Monica Ebbing

Hi, I’m Monica! I’m from Ohio. I found The Wellness Way in 2020 through a friend who knew I could use their expertise to solve my health issues. Immediately after talking to one of the WW doctors, I knew I not only needed this in my life, but I needed to spread the message. I am very passionate about health, but specifically the health of women and children and removing the toxins that are in their daily lives. The Wellness Way approach has changed my life and I have never been a better version of me. Outside of club, you can find me outdoors hiking, paddle boarding, or rollerblading. I also love to read, spend time with family and friends, and advocate for toxin-free living.

Club Leader

Bonnie Burke

Hi, I’m Bonnie! I am from colorful Colorado. I am in both the Doctor of Chiropractic program and the Sports Health Science Master’s program! I have been in The Wellness Way Student Club since my second quarter. I met Dr. Alex and Nicole when they came and did their birth control talk. It changed my life! Since then, I have been testing and working to support my body to restore health.

Other than The Wellness Way, I am a Sports Chiropractic Club officer in training. I am involved in six other clubs on campus as well as a Peer Assisted Leader for Musculoskeletal Gross Anatomy.

Club Leader

Zach Decarlo

Hi, I’m Zach! I’m from Philadelphia, PA. I found chiropractic through an endocrinologist. Through conversations about philosophy and practice, she convinced me to follow my passions and go to chiropractic school.

When I got to school, I knew I wanted to help people through removing the 3 T’s: traumas, toxins, and thoughts. The Wellness Way is the best pathway to take to truly get at the root cause of an issue.

Club Leader

Isaac Castellanos

Greetings, my name is Isaac Castellanos and I am currently attending Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. My medical passion started in emergency medicine with a fire department in Southern California as an EMT. From my first patient, I remember asking “why” questions. Such as, “Why are we doing these treatments?” Or, “Why are so many people so sick?”

After some college, I joined the military as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman, where I provided daily medical services and combat medicine to Marines. There my hunger for wanting better for my patients grew. I knew our emergency medicine was necessary, but what about after that? We are getting sicker and sicker even as our technology and knowledge continue to advance. After asking the “why” question so often, I finally found the Wellness Way approach. Finally, something made sense. Our bodies don’t make mistakes, so why do we continue to try to manipulate and quiet what it’s telling us? I knew I needed to be a part of this different perspective in helping people discover what their bodies are telling them and how to return them to their original designs. As a slightly older student and father of one and another on the way, my passion for people can’t be silenced, and I am excited to bring that to everyone I come into contact with!

Club Leader

Ryan DeNome

Hi, my name is Ryan DeNome, and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I found The Wellness Way at Life University when my wife suggested that we should go to their student club.

Since the beginning of chiropractic school, I felt called to provide more to my patients than just adjustments. I’ve found it true that we don’t learn to treat a person’s three T’s in our classes.

As I dive deeper into The Wellness Way approach, I have found that it is the most comprehensive way to treat a patient’s root problems and stop giving them band-aids. I would be considered a generally “healthy” person to most; however, I have only found vitality in being treated by and living this approach.

I can’t wait to help more people find the causes of their problems and jump-start their journey to wellness!


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