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Student Club

Logan University

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Club Leader

Bryce Gallagher

Hi, I’m Bryce! I am from Oconto, Wisconsin. I am very passionate about helping others and promoting a healthy lifestyle. This led me to fall in love with The Wellness Way.

As a student leader at Logan University, I love to spread The Wellness Way message and philosophy with other students.

Outside of school, I love to go hunting, fishing, camping, and golfing. I also love spending time with my family and friends!

Club Leader

Maura Palmer

Hi, I’m Maura! I am from Rochester, New York. I have always had a passion for both overall wellness and helping others. I found the Wellness Way when I first started chiropractic school and was instantly drawn in. I am excited to spread the message of the Wellness Way to other students at Logan. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, hiking, playing soccer, and doing anything outdoors.

Club Leader

McKenzie Dodson

Hey, I’m McKenzie, and I’m from Washington State! I grew up around the world of chiropractic and have always had a drive to help others. At school, I found like-minded people who introduced me to The Wellness Way, and I instantly fell in love. Every day, I look for new ways to inspire and share The Wellness Way’s message with the other students at Logan University.

Outside of my school life, I’m an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys expressing my artistic side and spending time with friends.

Club Leader

Kylee Quamen

Hi, I’m Kylee! I am from the small town of Plankinton, South Dakota and a current chiropractic student at Logan University in St. Louis, Missouri. While growing up in a small area, I didn’t know there were ways to heal outside the standard medical system.  They surely intimated me, trying to give me cholesterol reducing medications at a young age, which I would refuse over and over again; I was scared what it could do to my body and well-being. Seeing my friends struggle firsthand from depression medication or my family suffer from chronic back pain and health conditions, I knew there was more to the story and that medications with never ending side effects were not the answer.

In middle school, I learned about chiropractic and decided this was the career for me. I found The Wellness Way a few trimesters into school, and that’s really when my gears started turning. My first Wellness Way talk was learning about what mold toxicity and parasites can do in the body, the Swiss Watch principle, and the 3 T’s (Traumas, Toxins, Thoughts), and it blew my mind that there was so much that could be going on in our body that I was unaware of. The Wellness Way approach changed my perspective on healthcare for the better.

I love how The Wellness Way brings in chiropractic philosophy that the body doesn’t make mistakes, it has the ability to self-heal, and that it truly functions as a whole. I am now very passionate about teaching others about The Wellness Way approach and what a healthy lifestyle is meant to look like.

Outside of class, I love to go for nature walks with my husband and Mini Aussie, cook, DIY projects, play various games, or simply listen to what my body needs that day, whether it’s sleep, exercising, reading, and more!


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