Student Club

Northwestern Health Sciences University

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Club Leader

Monica Sjodin

Hi, I’m Monica! I’m from Anoka, MN, about 45 minutes north of the cities.

I love playing sports, fishing, gardening, cooking/baking, camping, and pretty much anything that gets me outside.

I absolutely love to learn — especially when it comes to health and wellness — which is why I love being a part of The Wellness Way Student Club.

Club Leader

Kelsey Jordan

Hi I’m Kelsey!

I’m from Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. I go to school at NWHSU in Minnesota!

I’m pretty new to The Wellness Way student club, but am very passionate and excited about everything I’m learning and can’t wait to take on my new role as a leader!

I love and fully believe in the Wellness Way approach to health and can’t imagine practicing chiropractic any other way. I truly believe in our ability to teach others how to take their health into their own hands and work towards living their healthiest lives!


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