Chiropractic Student Internship Program

In Green Bay, WI – home of The Wellness Way corporate office and The Wellness Way- Green Bay

The Wellness Way is excited to offer a one of a kind training and internship experience for graduating chiropractic students. We know there are a lot of possibilities to choose from when it comes to completing the internship or preceptorship portion of your schooling, but what if you were able to not only learn the most valuable information necessary to be able to hit the ground running after graduation but also be able to earn a scholarship while doing so?

Our training environment at The Wellness Way corporate office in Green Bay, WI is second to none. We have created a place where soon to be graduating chiropractic students can learn everything they need to know to position themselves as a chiropractor ready to start their own business or begin their career as an associate.  There are multiple opportunities available and we encourage anybody interested to complete our application process. It is never too early to plan for your future!

Internship Opportunity Details

Internship Scholarships Available – In addition to the highest level training available, your efforts will not be taken for granted. We want to help set you up for success! Students have an opportunity to earn up to $2,000 in scholarships each month they are an intern in Green Bay for their work above and beyond the classroom requirements.

Post-Graduation Wellness Way Doctor Preparation

Associate Option

Spend an additional 3 months of training following graduation to perfect your Wellness Way craft while earning $4,000/mo before beginning your associate position at an available Wellness Way office.

Ownership Option

Complete an additional 6 months of training following graduation while earning $4,000/mo before opening a Wellness Way office as a 10% owner with other Wellness Way investors with future opportunity to increase ownership after the initial 2 years.

Student Internship Application