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If you are like me, you have a list of things to do and no time for slowing down. Our modern-day lifestyles also mean that every day we are exposed to toxic chemicals on the daily whether it’s on our list or not. Those chemicals have the potential to slow us down or make us sick. Who has time for that? That’s why we made a list of 10 products to upgrade for a healthy lifestyle. This list is great for those who are just starting a healthy lifestyle and also a great check in for people already living one.

Healthy living is about a ton of choices every day that either add to your toxic load or don’t. You want to choose ones that don’t! Once that toxic bucket gets too full it overflows and your body has a hard time keeping up with all the toxins. Great first steps are to make food upgrades and avoid the dirty dozen. There are items that many of us use every day that we don’t even think about.

Many of these items are items we use pretty regularly. Those are the items that you want to upgrade first to reduce your exposure to chemicals that are harmful to your body. We don’t think about these decisions anymore. They are just part of our healthy routine. Which items do you use regularly and need to upgrade? Or are you on top of your healthy choices and can check each of these off?

10 Products to Upgrade for a Healthy Lifestyle

1 – Deodorant

Your antiperspirant and deodorant are one of the first things you should swap out for a healthier upgrade. The ingredients in conventional deodorants have been linked to cancer, heavy metal toxicity, obesity, infertility, and more. Learn more and some of our favorite swaps in Deodorant’s Dirty Secrets.

2 – Cookware

Cookware is important for a healthy lifestyle that includes healthy foods! Many of us use our cookware every day and up to three times a day. Nonstick cookware contains toxins and endocrine disruptors that are linked to developmental delays, inflammation, cancer, and also have potential for unknown risks. A good cookware set will last you a long time and is worth the investment. Learn more about our favorite cookware options in Healthy Cookware Upgrades. Get rid of the scary scratched up Teflon and replace it with a better option.

3 – Water Bottle and Food Containers

Can you imagine taking a bite out of your credit card? Did you know the average adult ingests 5 grams of microplastics in a week? That’s the weight of a credit card. The verdict is still out on the long-term effects of ingesting plastics, but most are made with known endocrine disruptors. Upgrade your plastic water bottle and plastic food containers for glass ones!

4 – Water Filter

Those microplastics have contaminated our air, soil and water. Even if you do your best to reduce your plastic use, you are still exposed to microplastics in your drinking water. Your water is also contaminated with chemicals and medications. You need a good water filter! Reduce the plastic and chemicals you ingest by investing in a whole house filtration system, a Berkey water filter or other quality filters to remove some of those plastics and toxins. Your Brita isn’t going to cut it here!

5 – Salt

Salt is good for you, but not your regular table salt. Good sea salt is harvested from underground mines, has no harsh chemicals and it contains 80+ beneficial trace minerals. On the other hand, Table salt has been bleached with chlorine, the good minerals are removed, and 3+ toxins have been added. It’s easy to upgrade to Celtic Sea Salt or a Pink Himalayan Salt. Learn more about salt in our article, It’s Good to Be Salty.

6 – Coffee and Tea

Do you start your day with a kick of caffeine? Most of us do! Coffee and tea have so many benefits, but these crops are loaded with pesticides. Many of coffees and teas are imported products, which means they may have been sprayed with pesticides that are banned here in the United States but aren’t banned in other countries. It is estimated that over 250 pounds of pesticides are used per average acre of conventionally grown coffee. We talked about the problem of pesticides in coffee in our article, Morning Cup of Pesticides. Swap your morning kick starter for an organic version.

7 – Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are the worst. If you don’t want to spend the money to upgrade them, you should just stop using them. We talked about the risks in our article Soft Clothes, Slow Death. They have been linked to neurotoxicity and cancer. If you use them, the chemicals they leave on your clothes rub against your skin all day. The benefits of static-free, fresh-smelling clothes aren’t worth it. You do have a more natural option! Buy a set of wool dryer balls and put a few drops of essential oils on the balls before you put them in the dryer with your clothes.  You will have soft, fresh laundry without the toxins!

8 – Period Products

The average lady will spend 6 years of her life on her period and because the vagina is super absorbent it is important to make the best choices on period products. Unfortunately, most of the conventional products contain chlorine, pesticides, fragrance, rayon, dioxides dyes, and other chemicals you don’t want up in your personal business. We tested out some better options for our article, Healthy Period Options.

9 – Wine

Wine, and other liquors with an alcohol level over 7%, aren’t required to have an ingredient label but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to worry about there. Your wine can be loaded with added sugars, sulfites, pesticides, and allergens that can leave you feeling pretty awful. Grapes are frequently listed on the dirty dozen because of how heavily they are sprayed. That includes the grapes in your wine! Choose a wine that is organic and vegan to avoid the extras. Find out more about what we look for in our favorite adult beverages in our article, Cleaner Drinking and Organic Liquors and by watching the Moms After Dark: Mixology Edition.

10 – Your Doctor

Okay, your doctor isn’t a product, but they do offer a service that can improve your health or contribute to spiraling health. Is your doctor managing your health or restoring your health? They should be restoring your health not prescribing a lifetime of medications. Do they answer your health questions, and do you feel like their practice aligns with your family’s health? If you answered no to that you should check out our article, 4 Signs it’s Time to Break Up with Your Doctor and Tips for Choosing a Doctor. We know you can find a great doctor near you.

Our 10 Products to Upgrade Are Easy Swaps

By making changes with these products to upgrade, you are making your healthy lifestyle easier and taking steps to improve your health. These are items you will use pretty regularly, and by swapping you are instantly elevating your health game. If you checked everything off the list already then you are already there. Keep adding to the list!


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