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Vaccines and Mandates At A Glance:

  • Moderna CEO sells over $663.6 million in stock over the course of a week.
  • Stocks for all vaccine manufacturers fall.
  • Ron Johnson calls on DoD for information regarding possible adverse events related to vaccines.
  • Vaccines failing even more than previously thought. Booster shows less protection than 2-dose regimen.

There has recently been a shift that may indicate that not everything is as rosy as we’d be left to believe for those who are involved with the COVID vaccines.

Stocks Tumbling

On Monday, stocks tumbled for all vaccine manufactures:

Moderna plunged more than 11%, the biggest decline in the S&P 500 Monday. Pfizer tumbled nearly 2% and its partner BioNTech slid more than 9%, while Novavax was off more than 11% and Johnson & Johnson fell over 1%.

Last week, Moderna’s CEO, billionaire Stéphane Bancel, was noted as having sold 23,281 shares of the company’s stock worth about $3.6 million. On Monday, it was noted that he eliminated another $660 million in what turned out to be a deep dive for the COVID vaccine stocks causing a frenzy in sales and prices. Shares have fallen more than 30% over the past month.

The COVID vaccine is currently the only marketed product by Moderna, opening the company to a vulnerable situation if the COVID vaccines aren’t making a profit. However, at the end of January, it had been announced that Moderna has launched its human clinical trials for an mRNA vaccine for HIV.  Moderna is partnering with IAVI and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for their experimental HIV vaccine.

Adverse Events Dramatic Increase Indicated By VAERS and DOD’s DMED

Adverse events continue to pour in on the VAERS database. Over a million reports with 23,615 deaths, 127,855 hospitalizations and 42,260 permanently disabled people have been reported to the database.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) hosted a round table discussion in the U.S. Senate, on January 24, 2022. The five-hour meeting, titled COVID-19: A Second Opinion, involved a large contingent of doctors who have successfully treated COVID, researchers, many of them highly-esteemed and published in peer-reviewed journals. Their discussion ranged from the unacceptable lack of early treatment, including the suppression of successful, safe drugs to the numerous concerns surrounding the vaccines and ensuing mandates.

Front-line nurses, attorneys, and vaccine-injured individuals also participated. Attorney Tom Renz shared information coming from the DoD’s data on their DMED database covering all of the U.S. military personnel. Based on that data, Senator Johnson issued a letter to the Secretary of the Department of Defense on February 1, 2022, demanding follow-up information that was due back to the senator this week. See the letter below:

Letter from Senator Ron Johnson to Secretary of DoD page 1

Letter from Senator Ron Johnson to Secretary of DoD page 2

Pfizer Pulls EUA

The FDA cancelled a meeting this week to review the Pfizer COVID vaccines for children ages 6-months-4 years. Earlier the study had indicated a less than ideal immune response to the vaccine in the 2-4 year cohort, suggesting a third dose would be required. The VRBPAC committee would have met to review data on the initial two-doses with data from the third to follow. Now, data isn’t expected to be reviewed until April.

Former FDA commissioner turned Pfizer board member, Scott Gottlieb, commented that “the data-set’s continuing to evolve” with “infections accruing on the patients in the clinical trial. Both the patients who are vaccinated and the patients who have been unvaccinated.”

Gottlieb went on to say that there were no new safety issues, just concerns regarding efficacy.

Mandates: Some Crumble, Others Dig In

Recently, several states have announced they will be allowing their mandates to expire, or have lifted them before expiration. From New York to California, mask and vaccine passport mandates are falling. Some are wondering on the timing of the announcements. According to The Hill, the lifting of mandates could be in response to focus group findings indicating the near loss of Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey’s reelection that was anticipated to be an easy win.

Talk show host, comedian, and political commentator, Bill Maher took aim at Justin Trudeau’s handling of the mandates in Canada. Maher likened Trudeau to Hitler on his views on people who choose not to get vaccinated. Trudeau has been plagued by a truck convoy that has over-taken his country’s capital city of Ottawa since the end of January, a full 21 days. The predominately peaceful protests are urging all mandates to be dropped and a conversation with Trudeau. To this point they have denied both.

Thursday, two of the organizers of the convoy had been arrested and were anticipating criminal charges after Trudeau took steps many considered severe overreach:

The arrest comes after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act on Monday, which gives the government power to clear protests by towing vehicles, and even more direct measures such as freezing personal bank accounts.

Still, the protestors, continued to “hold the line” even as “crackdowns” are considered imminent. The interim police chief–the previous one stepped down earlier this week–said:

               His officers are ready to use methods that Canadians aren’t used to seeing.

Trudeau has been holding meeting after meeting trying to break up the convoys…however, not one has been with the convoy participants.

Omicron Surge and Natural Immunity

Natural immunity is finally taking its place in the discussion. Even Anthony Fauci admitted it should be considered as “the U.S. is exiting the ‘full-blown’ pandemic phase.” With the omicron surge winding down, and numbers falling, millions more Americans now have natural immunity.

“…I hope we are looking at a time when we have enough people vaccinated and enough people with protection from previous infection that the COVID restrictions will soon be a thing of the past.”

Many have suggested that omicron will act as a natural booster for people.

Failed and Even Less Effective Than Originally Thought

Today, the CDC released a study stating:

During the Omicron-predominant period, VE (vaccine effectiveness) against COVID-19–associated ED/UC (emergency department/urgent care) visits and hospitalizations was 87% and 91%, respectively, during the 2 months after a third dose and decreased to 66% and 78% by the fourth month after a third dose. Protection against hospitalizations exceeded that against ED/UC visits.

Data revealed that those with only the 2-dose regimen had a suggested vaccine effectiveness that had fallen to 37% at ≥5 months after vaccination. Those with the booster showed a suggested vaccine effectiveness of:

31% among those vaccinated ≥5 months earlier, although the latter estimate is imprecise because few data were available on persons vaccinated for ≥5 months after a third dose.

This data suggests that the booster offers a negative protection and makes people more susceptible to COVID than the 2-dose regimen. Tony Fauci had mentioned the possibility of the phenomenon ADE as far back as 2020.

Omicron hospitalizations have been down several percentage points compared to previous variant surges. Whether protection can be attributed to the vaccine, or the less dangerous omicron wasn’t indicated.

Hold the Phone — Doc’s Thoughts:

Could it be that the tides are turning? Are people waking up? Or is the science catching up with the politics? Either way, CEO’s are dumping stock, companies are pulling their applications, mandates are crumbling, natural immunity is gaining it’s proper place in the story line, and people are waking up to what dictators look like.

We can hope one way or another, more people are standing up and will continue to stand up. This is not the time to let down our guards, but to dig in. If politicians are setting up focus groups to see people vote them out because of their failed policies that have devasted people, we need to keep pushing.

You have the right to vaccine freedom. You need to educate yourself and be prepared. You and I both know this isn’t the end, they’ll likely try something again, now that they’ve seen that there are people that will submit. We just need to keep educating people that they control their health, not a government entity.

If you have any questions with how your immune system operates, with the state of your health, we can help. We have doctors and clinics all over the country that have done their research, much like the doctors featured in Ron Johnson’s round table event. You do not have to succumb to a broken sickcare system.


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