No matter what your political affiliation, all Americans must be grateful for the Constitution of The United States, especially the First Amendment. Did you know the First Amendment has five parts? Not many people do. Those five parts include the freedom of the press and the freedom of speech. Anybody can complain about our country, and our president. They can say whatever they want. That isn’t the case in other countries. CBC News reported on our Independence Day that a chiropractor, Dr. Dena Churchill, in Canada was fined $100,000 for her “anti-vaccine” posts. It’s a reminder that we should be thankful and continue to express our freedom of speech here in the United States.

As reported by CBC News:

In a decision released publicly Thursday, a hearing committee of the Nova Scotia College of Chiropractors took into consideration Dena Churchill’s “dire financial circumstances” and gave her 10 years to pay the money. But it also said if she has not paid at least $30,000 by Jan. 2, 2022, the full amount becomes due immediately.

I’ve read her posts and she says some great stuff about how vaccines are dangerous and she is educating others on the dangers of vaccines. People deserve to have all of the information, so they can make their own choice.  She was sharing information on her page on Facebook. Her posts were on social media so her country is trying to dictate her speech. You can read the full story here or check out Dr. Dena Churchill’s page for more information.

We Must Value Our Freedom of Speech

Even if she wasn’t saying great stuff, her civil liberties should be protected. I don’t care what side you’re on. We need to defend and protect these rights. I don’t have to agree with someone to fight for their rights. So, I will personally fight for someone’s right to eat a Snickers bar even though I think they are horrible. I would never give one to my child and I don’t think anyone should be eating them. It’s about freedom of choice. The job of the government is not to mandate things. It’s to protect your civil liberties. Sadly, Dr. Dena Churchill’s civil liberties were taken away in her home country.

Freedom of speech is so important. The First Amendment is key so that individuals can give people information and let them decide for themselves. If people don’t like, or value, her speech then they won’t listen to her, but they deserve the option to hear a different perspective. That’s why we are always putting out information in different forms like articles and videos. That way people can learn and research for themselves. People don’t have to follow us, subscribe to our newsletter or listen to what we have to say. They have a choice to hear something different or look away.

Because of what we put out people will have an opportunity to make a choice. People will find a different perspective on so many health topics including vaccines. Information like this article on the research-based reasons to avoid the flu shot, HPV vaccine, and this surprising article on mumps. It’s imperative that different perspectives must use their freedom of speech.

Exercise Your First Amendment

I urge Americans across political parties to be thankful, fight, and protect our freedom of speech. Use this right often and fully. Our First Amendment and Second Amendment allow us to protect our freedoms. Without the First Amendment people can do wrong and no one will speak up. We have the right to speak up, so let’s exercise it!

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn

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