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Engaging and educational content featuring Dr. Patrick Flynn, our team of Wellness Way practitioners, and guest interviews. Looking for more? Click the easy to navigate links in each category to our YouTube channel for access to the full library of hundreds of videos.

Instant Info

If you’re just starting your Wellness Way journey, you’ve found the perfect place to get yourself up to speed on common wellness topics in a hurry. With this playlist, you’ll discover the basic foundational knowledge you’ll need to understand why we do many of the things we do. In other words, it’s Instant Info!

Immune System

Mainstream medicine focuses on the illness that is affecting the body. By changing the perspective to look at the host body, the immune system becomes much easier to understand and support.


Food is the fuel to keeping the body functioning properly. If digestion is disrupted, every system in the body is affected.

Live Show

A Different Perspective (ADP)

ADP is a live show with Dr. Patrick Flynn that airs every Saturday morning at 8am CST (9am EST). Tune in live or check out our archive of previous episodes.

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