A message of health has been spreading nationally, and now internationally, because of its different approach. Patients have been seeking out the unique care offered by The Wellness Way in growing numbers. In the past 10 years, The Wellness Way has grown from one clinic to 66 clinics across the United States and now the first international office in Galway, Ireland.

“Chronic illness like cancer, diabetes and infertility continue to rise. The idea that we can treat our bodies badly and medicine can fix it has been spreading like a virus, but it isn’t giving us health,” says Dr. Patrick Flynn, Founder of The Wellness Way. “Our message is spreading because it’s getting clinical results and people are looking for something they haven’t been getting.”

The First International Wellness Way

The network of clinics is sharing this important message and now that will also include a location in Europe. The first international Wellness Way finds its home on the beautiful west coast of Ireland.

There is a need for the care provided by The Wellness Way. “The beauty of the area brings many other influences into Galway, including the fast-pace lifestyle of stress, poor food and drink choices and early-onset diseases,” says Dr. Laura Hemgren. She owns the office, along with other offices, with her husband Dr. Tomas Hemgren.

“The interest in the addition of The Wellness Way has been fantastic, with inflammation talks filling up and existing patients very excited to expand on their current results,” says Dr. Hemgren.

“Chiropractic is still a bit ‘new’ to Ireland and Europe in comparison to the United States. Ireland, however, has a huge holistic undercurrent with the most prevalent option being homeopathy,” says Dr. Hemgren. “The Wellness Way approach will be a fantastic addition to our office as we will be able to provide answers and results where these other holistic practices haven’t.”

It Started as One Clinic

Dr. Patrick Flynn started practicing 20 years ago and learned quickly he had a different way of looking at how the body functions. One that recognizes that the body is like a Swiss Watch with all parts dependent on each other, and to be healthy all parts need to function. He was adding additional offices to his practice and growing steadily when an independent doctor asked if there was a way to become a Wellness Way affiliate.

That’s when Wellness Way Enterprises was established, and training materials were developed to help clinics practice the model of The Wellness Way Approach. Now there are affiliates in 25 states and the numbers continue to grow.

Brianna Simoens, CEO, Wellness Way Enterprises, says that no matter which clinic patients go to they will find an exceptional quality of care. Doctors have access to an online training platform, mentoring and support services. “Our doctors train constantly, and they act as a family, so they are constantly getting together to look at patient cases and support each other to best help their patients.”

“The biggest thing you will find across the clinics is that there is always testing. Our motto is – we don’t guess… we test,” says Simoens. “Our doctors don’t recommend a care plan until the patient has been tested. That makes the process the same, but every patient is completely different.” Two patients can have the exact same symptoms but based on testing have completely different needs for care plans. That’s why they don’t recommend care just based on symptoms.

Working with Patients Internationally

The obstacles haven’t been the expected ones like marketing or language barriers. The biggest obstacle has been getting the same quality of testing and supplements internationally. Some of the supplements have gotten held up in customs. “Patients are seeking us out and we want to make sure they are getting the same quality testing and the same quality supplements,” says Simoens.

The Wellness Way offices offer phone consultations, so working with international patients is something they have been doing for a while. The doctors are helping patients from England, Spain, Australia, New Zealand and more. “People WANT answers and they are calling and scheduling from all over the world,” says Dr. Hemgren.

“Once you look at the body as a Swiss watch then it is the same no matter what country you are from,” says Simoens. “It’s the same whether you are here in Green Bay, WI or whether you are halfway around the world in Dubai.”

This is just the beginning for the network of clinics, with plans for more offices already in the works. “The commitment from both the practitioners involved in the undertaking of this model and The Wellness Way make for an amazing team that provides patients everywhere in the world the same great care,” says Dr. Hemgren. “We have seen it happen repeatedly throughout the United States with each office that opens, and we will continue to perpetuate that through Europe and beyond. Doc wouldn’t allow anything less!”

“I never tried to make The Wellness Way an international brand. It’s about helping patients. When I started, I just tried to help one patient. One patient knows another, and it spreads,” says Dr. Flynn. “And that’s what we’re going to keep doing — helping patients.”