Where We Began

It started out with just one man,


It grew because of amazing people this man met along the way. This isn’t the story of changing the health of one man, or his wife, or even his community. It is about a community that is creating a culture that is spreading across the United States. Changing the health paradigm, and bringing hope where there was none. This is the story of restoring health to tens of thousands of people.


Okay. We get it. You want to know how the approach started.

You want to hear the romantic backstory. What does romance have to do with health? In this story it has quite a bit to do with health!


Dr. Patrick decided to pursue a career as a chiropractor and was just finishing up chiropractic school when it happened. He fell, and he fell hard. He fell crazy in love with a beautiful woman named Christy. She felt it too, and on only their second date she told him that they were going to be married someday. (He wholeheartedly agreed!) The two became inseparable and shared their hopes and dreams for life, including having a family of their own.

Here comes the next milestone in the story… it happened the day he came to pick her up for yet another blissful date, and found her curled in a ball on the floor, crying. His heart raced – what was wrong? Had he done something? If it’s not him (and he seriously hoped it wasn’t him), what happened? It was then Christy tearfully explained she was in severe pain because she had gotten her period that day.

She went on to share more details of her painful health history. Christy told him about how the doctors had told her the only options to “fix it” were medications and surgeries that had painful side effects that she didn’t want. She went to natural doctors who gave her supplements, and chiropractors who gave her adjustments. Nothing seemed to help. Doctors told her she would probably never have children. She wondered if they should even continue dating since she knew how badly he wanted children.

Dr. Patrick heard this all and had a choice to make. He chose her. In turn, she chose to trust this young man just starting his career as a chiropractor. He believed that she was designed to be healthy, but to also have children, as all women are.  Dr. Patrick continued his studies relentlessly, and came to understand hormones and physiology on a level that would have profound impact on not just Christy’s life, but his as well.

That’s when The Wellness Way Approach was formed.


He was learning to look at everything differently, but he also needed to pay the bills. He was excited about all that he had been studying and wanted to change lives. After graduating and spending a year interning (for free), he wanted to start his own practice and start building a life with his now wife, Christy.

Dr. Patrick’s family did not have money, but his mom was able to give him a small loan of $500, which he used to open his first office. It wasn’t fancy.  In fact, it was just a room in the back of a warehouse. He would send his patients to get X-rays at another chiropractic office, and have them bring the films back to him.  He would then read their X-rays at his own office by holding them up to the window because he couldn’t afford a light table. Patients didn’t care that he didn’t have a light table.  Dr. Patrick was getting them results.

It was a lot of work.  Dr. Patrick would work long hours and whenever he wasn’t at the office, he was out spreading his message to bring in patients and build his practice.  There were long days, and there were tears, but the life-changing results his patients saw was both incredible and exciting.  He and Christy both knew they needed to press on – they could offer the hope people desperately needed. The Wellness Way Approach changed hundreds of lives in their community. Dr. Patrick opened a few more clinics, and with other doctors brought thinking differently to more communities in Northeast Wisconsin.


One bald head, 4 daughters and thousands of test result readings later, Dr. Patrick’s vision continued to expand. Yes, you read that right!  Though she was once told she would never have children, by 2013 Dr. Patrick had 4 daughters with his beautiful wife, Christy. His eyes dance as he tries to claim the girls are why he’s bald – he adores his little ladies!  Dr. Patrick continued to practice using The Wellness Way approach he developed.  His small network continued to grow, bringing life changing health information to patients who traveled from near and far to visit The Wellness Way clinics in Wisconsin. Then the next major milestone happened: Dr. Patrick was asked by an independent doctor if there was a way to become an affiliate of The Wellness Way. That doc was as excited to share the approach and teach people to think differently as he was!

With that one simple question, training materials were quickly developed and Wellness Way Enterprises was born! There was now a business structure in place to open the doors to others who want to practice The Wellness Way Approach.  Dr. Patrick partnered with doctors and practitioners across the United States, and together the amount of people they were able to help grew exponentially. The passion that each doctor brought to their work made it possible for The Wellness Way message to spread faster than he ever imagined.


Today The Wellness Way is a caring, supportive group of people, reaching out to change lives.  Practitioners and staff alike work together to help lead patients to their best health ever.  It’s not about one doctor or one clinic; every single person in The Wellness Way network helps each other to become better at not just health, but everything we do. That’s why and how The Wellness Way continues to bring clinical results to more and more people.

The Wellness Way growth means it’s not just Dr. Patrick’s story any more, or the story of hundreds of people from clinics across the states. It’s the story of everyone who’s health and life has been changed by The Wellness Way Approach.  Now, because you have heard about this approach through our clinics, social media, website, videos or articles, the story is about you.  Maybe your Wellness Way story begins with starting to think differently about the medical approach and health. Maybe you already thought differently, and your story starts with you changing your health, along with the help of The Wellness Way.  Wherever your story joins ours, we welcome you and look forward to our chapters together.

At end of day, not much has changed for Dr. Patrick.  He still studies relentlessly.  He still gets excited by bringing hope to people.  Dr. Patrick loves his Wellness Way family almost as much as he loves his daughters and wife.  And he still thinks differently.

Oh! …but he does have a light table now.

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