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Who We Are

Health Champions For All

We are one team with one vision. Championing the importance of health to the world while inspiring hope through health restoration. We are passionate about health freedom because no one but you should be making health care decisions for your family. It’s time to join the health revolution and take an an unapologetic approach to health, health restoration, and health freedom.

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Our Founder

Dr. Flynn is a chiropractor, as well as the founder and CEO of The Wellness Way. As a young child, he was labeled ‘troubled’ because he had a difficult time learning, focusing, and existing within the school system. Years later, as a teenager, he went through a series of events that led him to discover he had immune issues which contributed to his neurological setbacks. This discovery inspired Dr. Flynn to begin his journey defining his purpose and initiating his pursuit of education.

Founder's Note

I am very proud of my profession and study of chiropractic. The principles and philosophies I learned are the foundation of all I have done. Anytime I look at studies, data, and research, my training gives me insights to see things differently. I’ve heard many times, “You aren’t a real doctor, you’re just a chiropractor.” I chuckle, shake my head, then go and continue to guide others as they change their lives with the health restoring principles based on simply physiology and chiropractic philosophy. I’m not just a chiropractor.  I am a proud chiropractor.

The Start of Doing Health Differently

While starting his career as a chiropractor, Dr. Patrick met his future wife, Christy. One day, when picking her up for a date, he found her curled in a ball on the floor, crying.

Christy tearfully explained she was in severe pain because of her health. She went on to share more details of her painful health history. About how the doctors had told her the only options to “fix it” were medications and surgeries with painful side effects. She went to natural doctors who gave her supplements, and chiropractors who gave her adjustments. Nothing seemed to help. Doctors told her she would probably never have children.

Dr. Patrick believed Christy was designed to be healthy. So he continued to study relentlessly and came to understand hormones and physiology on a level that caused him to see the way the world approaches health was not right. And it needed to be done differently. Little did he know, this was the start of a health movement.


The Wellness Way

With his new understanding of health, Dr. Flynn became a champion for change and was committed to disrupting the standard approach to care so that every person could achieve the total wellness they deserve.

He wanted to change lives for the better, so with a small loan of $500 from his mother, Dr. Patrick started The Wellness Way. When patients started seeing life-changing results, Dr. Patrick opened more clinics with more doctors in communities all across Northeast Wisconsin.

The network continued to grow, bringing life-changing health information to patients traveling from near and far. Before long, Dr. Patrick developed training materials and partnered with doctors around the world to create a health movement that does more than improve health, but transform lives – including his wife Christy, who is now pain-free and the mother of four beautiful daughters.

A Health Restoration Movement

The growth of The Wellness Way means it’s not just Dr. Patrick’s story anymore, or the story of hundreds of people from clinics all over the world. It’s the story of everyone whose health and lives have been changed.

The Wellness Way started when Dr. Patrick started doing health differently. It grew because of the amazing people he met along the way. This isn’t the story of changing the health of one man, or his wife, or even his community. It is about a community that is creating a culture that is spreading across the globe – changing the health paradigm, and bringing hope where there was none.

This is the story of restoring health to tens of thousands of people.

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Our Clinicians

Our clinicians are highly-experienced professionals who are constantly training and researching to perfect the methods of restorative care. They are partners in your journey towards total wellness, who provide you with the expertise and guidance you need to reach your healthiest. When you see one of our clinicians, you leverage the insight and expertise of them all. At The Wellness Way Clinics, our clinicians are at the foundation of all we do, stopping at nothing to help you take control of your health and well-being.

Our Training

At The Wellness Way Clinics, our clinicians never stop improving their methods. Our training platform ensures a consistently high standard of care across our entire network, providing our clinicians with the latest information and tools on the key principles of The Wellness Way methods – such as comprehensive laboratory testing analysis, anatomy and physiology, and more. In addition, our clinicians participate in weekly discussions with one another to collaborate on everything from specialized cases to the clinical use of herbs. Here, our care is always evolving to provide you with the guidance you need to overcome your debilitating health challenges.

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Our Staff

The staff at our clinics are more than friendly faces, they’re champions for every patient journey. From scheduling and blood draws, to providing helpful tips, our staff is here to remind you that you are not alone on your journey to wellness. The answers to a better future are inside of you and we’re here to help you find them any way we can.


Our Partners

Partners of The Wellness Way offer more than typical business transactions. Manufacturing facilities, lab companies, and even carefully selected partner products are all uniquely qualified and committed to the mission of The Wellness Way. Our partners pride themselves on unmatched excellence, and work closely with practitioners to provide training and insights designed to get results.



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