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Dr. Flynn is the founder of The Wellness Way clinics.  As a young child he was labeled as a troubled kid. He had a hard time learning, focusing, and existing in the school system, and he even struggled with existing within the larger world around him.  Years later, as a teenager, he went through a series of events that led him to figure out he had immune issues that caused him to experience neurological issues.  This discovery started Dr. Flynn on his journey, defining his purpose and initiating his pursuit of education that ultimately lead him to create a totally different approach in healthcare.  He has attended numerous colleges and taken countless classes from learning institutions including the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and Marinette, Scott College, Northwestern Health Sciences, National Health Sciences, Palmer College of Chiropractic, and Harvard Medical School – HMX fundamentals online certificate program – immunology, all of which has resulted in him focusing on hormones and immune system.  After 21 years he has trained thousands of doctors and his network is now comprised of over 80 clinics across the world. Dr. Flynn also has an international bestselling book “I Disagree: How These Two Words Are the Secret to Thinking Differently and Taking Control of Your Health”, and a seminar for the public called “The Hormone Connection” that has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world.  Despite his numerous accomplishments, he still just says he is a small town country boy that came up with an idea to help people.


While starting his career as a chiropractor, Dr. Patrick met his future wife, Christy. One day, when picking her up for a date, he found her curled in a ball on the floor, crying.

Christy tearfully explained she was in severe pain because of her health. She went on to share more details of her painful health history. About how the doctors had told her the only options to “fix it” were medications and surgeries with painful side effects. She went to natural doctors who gave her supplements, and chiropractors who gave her adjustments. Nothing seemed to help. Doctors told her she would probably never have children.

Dr. Patrick believed Christy was designed to be healthy. So he continued to study relentlessly and came to understand hormones and physiology on a level that caused him to see the way the world approaches health was not right. And it needed to be done differently. Little did he know, this was the start of a health movement.

Our Story


With his new understanding of health, Dr. Flynn became a champion for change and was committed to disrupting the standard approach to care so that every person could achieve the total wellness they deserve.

He wanted to change lives for the better, so with a small loan of $500 from his mother, Dr. Patrick started The Wellness Way. When patients started seeing life-changing results, Dr. Patrick opened more clinics with more doctors in communities all across Northeast Wisconsin.

The network continued to grow, bringing life-changing health information to patients traveling from near and far. Before long, Dr. Patrick developed training materials and partnered with doctors around the world to create a health movement that does more than improve health, but transform lives – including his wife Christy, who is now pain-free and the mother of four beautiful daughters.


The growth of The Wellness Way means it’s not just Dr. Patrick’s story anymore, or the story of hundreds of people from clinics all over the world. It’s the story of everyone whose health and lives have been changed.

The Wellness Way started when Dr. Patrick started doing health differently. It grew because of the amazing people he met along the way. This isn’t the story of changing the health of one man, or his wife, or even his community. It is about a community that is creating a culture that is spreading across the globe – changing the health paradigm, and bringing hope where there was none.

This is the story of restoring health to tens of thousands of people.

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