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It’s 9 pm and the Flynn house is quiet. The lights are low, and the electronics have been stowed away. It’s time for sleep. Do women need more sleep than men? They sure do and that’s why the house is quiet. I have 4 daughters and a beautiful wife who all need their sleep. I’m like a sleep ninja making sure we all shut it down at night. It’s so important for health and especially for women, who need more sleep than men.

Recent articles floating around say women need 20 more minutes of sleep. That’s a conservative estimate in my opinion. I would say women need 1-2 hours more sleep than men – sometimes even more. Lack of sleep causes much more stress on a woman’s body than a man’s body. A sleep study from Duke University, found when women get less sleep there is a higher chance it will cause psychological and physical problems. There were greater feelings of hostility, depression and anger in women who were sleep deprived than men. The women also had higher levels of inflammatory markers and insulin. That means their sleep deprivation is setting them up for heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses. Sleep costs nothing but is so critical for health, especially for women.

Sleep and Health

I have noticed for a long time the importance of sleep, especially for my female patients. When women follow the advice and improve their sleep it makes a much bigger difference than for men. When men improve their sleep habits, the impact seems minimal. When women don’t get sleep, the affects are much more dramatic and damaging to their health.

So, I support my wife and daughters by helping make sure the house is quiet and I adjust my routines to make sure I don’t disturb their sleep. If one of my daughters is sick or if they have a nightmare, I get up in the middle of the night to care for them so my wife can get a good night’s rest. Their health is so important to me and getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important things they can do to protect it. We should all make better sleep a priority, but especially women.

Why Do Women Need More Sleep than Men?

Men and women are biologically different, and this affects how much sleep they need. I can get away with less sleep biologically than my wife can. Mentally and physically, my body can handle the stress of getting less sleep much better. It’s the way our bodies were made and the demand of the different needs of our bodies.

Women have a longer circadian rhythm than men which leads to more sleep for women. Men need 7-8 hours of sleep where women need 8-10 hours which leads to different circadian rhythms. The sleep cycles are similar, but cortisol goes down and melatonin goes up sooner in women than men. Cortisol is one of the hormones that gets you moving during the day and melatonin helps you sleep. Melatonin peaks around 9 pm for women and doesn’t peak for men until 10 or 11. Women also have melatonin in their blood stream for longer periods. There are many things that can throw off a circadian rhythm and keep you from getting better sleep.

Hormones play a role in sleep. Who has a higher demand on their hormones? Women. Hormones can mess with your sleep and if you aren’t sleeping you aren’t building hormonal reserves which can mess up your sleep cycle even more. A woman’s body is building up that hormonal fuel tank between 9 pm and 1 am. If she isn’t going to bed until very late, that is depleting her hormonal reserves. This is draining the body and can lead to so many health problems. This doesn’t affect men in the same way.

Adrenals and Sleep

Remember that hormone that gets you moving during the day? That’s right, cortisol. That comes from the adrenals. The adrenals only make about 3% of a man’s testosterone while 95% come from his testicles. The adrenals make 30% of a woman’s cyclic hormones. So, what do you think it does when lack of sleep causes the body to make more cortisol? It can disrupt the production of other hormones for women and increases stress on her body.

The body is like a Swiss watch and these disruptions can further mess with hormones which lead to more sleep problems. This doesn’t impact men as much because their main steroid hormone is testosterone. That hormone will still go up in the morning and get them going if they are a healthy man. Testosterone is anti-inflammatory and keeps the stress hormones low. Our hormones are much simpler which means sleep deprivation won’t have the same impact.

The differences in hormones can also make it harder for women to get to sleep. They can keep women up at night and because of women’s hormones they care about everything. They care about everything so much more than men. If something is bothering a woman or if her brain is still going from the day’s activities, it can be a lot harder for her to fall asleep. When she doesn’t sleep, she wakes up with depleted hormones which can throw off the balance of hormones. It’s a vicious cycle that can wreck her sleep cycle.

Women Need More Sleep

If you are making health a priority, then you need to make sleep a priority especially if you are a woman. Women need more sleep. Unfortunately, women are taking on so much they don’t always get the sleep they need which is detrimental to their health. Take steps for better sleep. You can make sleep a priority to change your health and it costs you nothing.

Written by Dr. Patrick Flynn

You can learn more about how hormones and sleep in this article about how hormones affect sleep, and in the video below.

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