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Story at a glance

  • This story highlights Nathan and Tabitha’s journey.
  • After receiving 6 vaccinations in one day at 1.5 years old, Nathan began to display signs of being on the autism spectrum.
  • Tabitha (Nathan’s mom) saw no substantial development with Nathan until she brought him to The Wellness Way.
  • Nathan’s behavioral therapist says that “being on the spectrum is Nathan’s superpower” and that “he sees the world so differently from me. He can teach me so many things.”
  • Making an informed vaccine choice for yourself and your children is important. Reviewing vaccine-related incidents can help you weigh your options.
  • Choosing your plan of care for yourself and children should be based on your decisions, because it is your life, and nothing should ever be forced upon you or mandated.

Nathan and Tabitha

When Nathan was 1.5 years old, he received his 6 scheduled doses of immunizations. Tabitha, his mother, noticed that within weeks he began to lose eye contact, became nonverbal, and was not as playful as he used to be.

She brought him to his pediatrician who merely said that this is a normal occurrence, as boys often ‘regress’.

Uncomfortable with the pediatrician’s observation, she brought him to a nurse practitioner who told her, “Tabitha, your son is on the autism spectrum”.

After him being nonverbal for some time, Tabitha explored her options to get Nathan to begin speaking again. This is what led her to The Wellness Way and Dr. Patrick Flynn. Almost immediately, she knew that she found the right place.

Along with his own efforts, Dr. Patrick Flynn recruited a behavioral therapist to aide him in the health restoration of his clients who are on the autism spectrum.

Lesley Laluzerne, the behavioral therapist, has been working with Nathan consistently over the years. She says that she sees Nathan’s development only continuing, especially from where he started.

“Being on the spectrum is Nathan’s superpower,” says Lesley. “He sees the world so differently from me and can teach me so many things.”

“Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice.”

Informed vaccine choices are important when it comes to making a decision for yourself and your children.

While mainstream society and media only highlights how beneficial they believe immunizations to be, they leave the associated risks out of the conversation.

Resources such as the National Vaccine Information Center provides information that is often disregarded or ignored. They even provide options for Vaccine Reporting Systems for vaccine failures and harassment.

Well-rounded research should be done by you, and for you.

Watch Nathan and Tabitha’s touching story, here.


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